Poet- John Donne

JOHN DONNE ( 1572-1631 ), the pioneer of a new kind of lyrical and satirical verse called ‘Metaphysical, was born in London into a prosperous Roman Catholic family of traders at a time when England was staunchly anti-Catholic.Donne was forced to leave Oxford University without a degree because of his religion. He Studied law, and read theology. He also participated in two Naval expeditions and became secretary to a powerful noble, a job he lost when he was briefly sent to prison for secretly marrying his patron’s niece. In 1615, at the age of 42, Donne accepted ordination in the  Anglican Church and soon became one of the greatest preachers of his time. In love lyricism, Donne broke completely with the Petrarchan tradition, introducing an intellectual and colloquial tone. His love poems .use the latest discoveries of science and geography to hammer home a point and combine passion with verbal and intellectual ,‘teasing ’. Donne is well known for his Songs and Sonnets, Satires and the Elegies and Sermons. Genuine poetic feelings harsh metres. strained and whimsical images characterise all his poetic creations


Question– Write the summary of the poem ‘Sweetest Love,I Do Not Goe. ——– more 50 words

Answer- It is a poem It has been written by Jone Donne. Donne was a great poet. He was metaphysical. He has written a lot of poems. It is also one of them.
In this poem, he has described love. He has a beloved.He loves her. But she does not believe on him. The poet looks none better than her in the world. Being disappointed the poet wants to go away from her, as the sun goes far at night. He tells man is unfortunate. He tells that the pasSed time never comes back. It brings sadness. So, we should try our best not to waste time. The sighness of his beloved makes his soul weary. Herweeping‘decays his life blood. He’considers thelove of her beloved the best. thing. So the poet wants that her beloved should not live apart. She should believe on him. The wellwishers cannot live alive being parted from one another.

                              Thus, the poet advises lovers not to ignore love. It is a thing of happiness in life. It makes life real.


Poet-Walt Whitman


WALT WHITMAN (1819-1892), the ‘people’s poet’, is perhaps the most individualism literary figure that America has ever produced. He began working as a carpente before his twelfth birthday. He also worked as a printer; teacher, and editor and was volunteer nurse daring the Civil War.‘ Whitman ‘s poetry, all of which is collected inLeaves of Grass, is ‘known for its free rhythms and lack of rhyme. Whitman first published it at his own expense in 1855. However, the free form of the poems and the joyfull dedications to the ‘importance of the individual’ were not well received at first. In fact, his collection of poems cost Whitman his job, as it was taken to be obscene. In 1881, after many editions, Leaves of Grass finally found a publisher willing to print it . uncensored. Translations of this collection were enthusiastically received in Europe but Whitman remained relatively unappreciated in America. It was only after his deatl that he could win appreciation in America for his original and innovative expressio of American individualism. His important works include Leaves of Grass (1855) am Drum Taps (1866).



Question-  Write the summary of the poem ‘Song of Myself ’.——– more 50 words

Answer- It is a poem. It has been written by Walt Whitman. He is a great poet.He has written a lot of poems. It is also one of them.

In this poem, he has described his Opinion. He compares. to ‘himself with others. He‘says that all men are alike. All men assume. All men Contain the same atOms. All men are born from the same parents. All men breathe the same air. They are made of the Same soil. Now, the poet is 37 Years old. He is fully healthy. He hopes to remain the same till death. He considers that all religions and creeds have the same origin. He says that people should not fight with one another. They should enjoy life together. He permits to oppose each and every unfair things with full energy. He advises to lead life happily.




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