ELECTROSTATIC INDUCTION in Fig. AB is a conducting rod mounted on an insulating stand S. CD is a positively charged glass rod. When this rod is brought near the end A of rod AB the free electrons of the conducting rod are attracted towards the end A, hence this end acquires a negative charge. Now, […]

Kinds Of Charges: Attration And Repulsion Charge Distrubtion

Kinds Of Charges: Attration And Repulsion Charge Distrubtion When a glass rod is rubbed with silk,it gets charged and when an ebonite rod is rubbed with cat’s silk it also gets charged.But the fllowing experiment shows that the charges of the two rods are of diffrernt type.If a glass rod rubbed with silk is suspended […]

All About Electric Charge | with Notes

ELECTRIC CHARGE About 2500 years ago a famous Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus observed that a material named Amber when rubbed with wool or cat’s skin acquires the property of attracting light bodies like small bits of paper, straw etc. In 1600 AD, Dr. William Gilbert, physician of Queen Elizabeth of England discovered that the […]