Best browser for hackers with built in features for hackers

There are several points which one should keep in mind while doing ethical hacking experiments. One of the important point is which web browser is best for ethical hacking. You should not use regular web browsers because they would not give you anonymity and no hacker want to be traced.

Now without wasting any time let us move to our main point that is which browser should we use. The answer is TOR.  You may know little bit about TOR browser. It works on principle of ‘onion routing’. As onion contains different layers, TOR also has different network layers which hide the real ip of the user. It was developed in 90s by two us citizens to protect U.S. intelligence communications online. But keep in mind that TOR is not complete anonymity solution. It only reduces chances of being traced and makes little bit difficult to trace real location of user. TOR is slower than normal browsers because it connect to the servers by passing through different ip addresses. This is called proxy chain.

Now one more thing is that TOR browser use search engine. There is benefit of using this search engine because normally when you search anything on other search engines, they have your history and can allow cookies but duckduckgo will not record anything and it’s result will be same for all users.

In addition I want to give you a tip that never change window size of TOR browser. If you change Window size of browser than you can be traced. You will see warning by TOR if you change window size. One more thing is there, never use TOR for regular surfing.

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